The course is built upon an individual desk study. In advance, the students will have to select their topic of interest following the guidelines stated in the assignment terms of reference. The title and short description of the topic will be evaluated and validated by the module coordinator together with one lecturer from water supply engineering and another from sanitary engineering chair groups. A mentor will be appointed to each student aligned with the desk study topic. From then on the student is in charge of carrying out a comprehensive literature review and writing a short report (5-10 pages). The report will follow the structure of a journal paper (mini review paper) based on a specific LaTeX template. Finally the student will prepare a 10 minute presentation explaining his main findings in front of the committee.

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance decision making skills by selection of a topic within the scope of Urban Water and Sanitation programme.
  • Review bibliography on their topic of interest.
  • Develop and consolidate their critical reading of scientific publications.
  • Synthetize and provide a critical overview of the main state-of-the-art research findings on their selected topic.
  • Develop and consolidate presentation skills on scientific research.